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Ultimate Rally1

The GR Yaris Rally1, the benchmark of rallying’s new era with back-to-back championship hat-tricks in 2022 and 2023. Available with Hybrid technology, combining a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine with a 3.9kWh battery and a motor-generator unit (MGU) to provide drivers with more than 500PS.

Experience the pinnacle of modern rally technology with us.


Introducing the GR Yaris Rally2: The first car designed and built by TGR-WRT for customer rallying.

Recce cars

At TGR-WRT we converted the GR Yaris into a reconnaissance car for our WRC drivers to use during the ‘recce’ before each rally, when they drive the stages at reduced speed to make their pacenotes.


We are on a mission to spread happiness through driving. In our events, you’ll drive the new and completely original GR Yaris with the latest technologies. You will get familiar with the physics of racing, and learn about driving technique and car handling.

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